Ludwig Steinbach, Der Opernfreund, 14th March 2016 (Rigoletto, Staatstheater Mainz)

…On the podium was Samuel Hogarth. Together with the accomplished sounding Philharmonisches Staatsorchester Mainz, he produced a sound that was in great part robust and dramatic, stamped with an attractively italianate character and never in danger of covering the singers.

Overall this was an excellent evening at the opera and very much to be recommended.


Daniel Kaiser, NDR 90,3, 3rd February 2014 (Zwerg Nase, Hamburg Staatsoper)

The children in the audience watch the stage spellbound right to the end.


Dagmar Penzlin, NDR Kultur, 3rd February 2014 (Zwerg Nase, Hamburg Staatsoper)

Samuel Hogarth’s music is cheerfully operatic, without losing its playful lightness and rhythmic esprit. The singers and orchestra, drawn from Hamburg schools, impress with their precision and expressiveness.


Allgemeine Zeitung, 18th November 2014 (Sternenhimmel, Staatstheater Mainz)

New music specialist Samuel Hogarth conducts expertly.


Der Opernfreund, 13. September 2014 (Gala concert, Staatstheater Mainz)

Samuel Hogarth and a top line-up of the Philharmoniches Staatsorchester Mainz achieved a vivid trumpet- and timpani-studded Baroque sound, full of freshness and vigour.


Tom Sutcliffe, Opera Now, April 2014 (Zwerg Nase, Hamburg Staatsoper)

[With] Hogarth’s excellent sense of pacing and melodic interest… [he] has created a very carefully planned number opera with episodes that never flag, and retain their musical chracter and interest unerringly.


Hamburger Morgenpost, 4th February 2014 (Zwerg Nase, Hamburg Staatsoper)

…a through-composed work that wins you over with its musical imaginativeness. The applause after the premiere seemed to go on forever.


Robert Thicknesse, Opera Now, 18th March 2013 (Falstaff, Château de Berbiguières)

I admired conductor Samuel Hogarth’s sensitive pacing of a score that needs to balance momentum and musical indulgence. This was easily my favourite Falstaff of last year.


Hamburger Abendblatt, 26th November 2012 (I Am Your Opus, Opera Stabile, Hamburg Staatsoper)

This show is so strong, it almost makes one furious, that the Opera Stabile is only now being used as the experimental stage of the main house again… Four members of the Philharmoniker play with commitment and finesse (conductor: Samuel Hogarth).


Kim Ashton, The Independent, 24th March 2008 (David and Goliath, Queens’ College, Cambridge)

The music was approachable and uncompromising… thanks to the strongly individualised musical material.

[…] conducted by Hogarth himself, this was strong and exciting new opera.


Thüringer Allgemeine, 14th March 2012 (Loh-Orchester Sondershausen “Schlosskonzert”)

Right from the Allegro [of J. C. Bach’s G minor symphony], Hogarth brought out the rich dynamic contrasts and frequent sforzati distinctly. Melancholia dominated the Andante. With exact and stirring gesture, the conductor lit up the finale in a blaze of fire

Straight from the introductory Allegro [of Eine kleine Nachtmusik] the orchestra achieved a just-about perfect Mozart sound. The well-known main theme was propelled with drive and elation, with gracefulness dancing around the sides.